Hi! My name is Michelle, and I’m a scuba diver. I have a BS in Integrative Biology and I’m currently also a BSN nursing student. This blog was originally about scuba diving but it has sort of become a collection of diving experiences, science, and how my nursing education connects to these things.

You’ll still find a lot of diving information and anecdotes here. I’m a dive master and en route to become a NAUI dive instructor. When I started Dive Belle, I was mostly running dive trips here in Florida and assisting my instructor in scuba lessons. I was more actively diving then. Now I’m working as a nursing aide, and I’m not diving as much. Hopefully my gills don’t dry out before I graduate (summer of 2021).

I grew up in Louisiana where I completed my first degree and my first scuba certification. In 2015, I moved to the Tampa Bay area, taking full advantage of any diving opportunity. Dive Belle is slowly becoming something different from what it started as, but so am I – and I really couldn’t explain how I went from pseudo marine biologist to nursing. But here we are, and if you’ve found my little blog project then I hope you got what you came for and enjoy the read!

Michelle and Laika at the Passe a Grille dog beach

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