Antisocial Media Day 9

The only social media app I kept on my phone was Instagram. And I posted a photo on it on Christmas Day. And that’s all the social media I’ve had for 9 days. Unless Pinterest counts? You know, the recipes I’ll never try and Sculpted Arms in 7 Days I’ll never do.

I’ve been reading more, between my stacks of books and a draft from a book a friend is working on. I feel a little disconnected from the political chaos, but that’s what news apps are for I guess. I don’t miss the looney toon articles about… whatever. I don’t miss everyone being so offended.

I feel like I’m getting more stuff done. I’ve been organizing and cleaning, getting rid of things I don’t need and the like. One of my adopted grandma’s at work gave me a pocket planner in case I drop another phone in the toilet, so I can have a backup of my numbers and I guess maybe I could put calendar events in there, too. Hysterical, but actually a good idea. I feel confident that any day now, I’ll get back to Rosetta Stone. Yesterday my productiveness was simply recuperating from work and Christmas by lying in bed all day watching the Defenders.

Oh yeah, and one more bucket list item is about to get crossed off. We’re going Sky Diving! (sometime!) School starts again in a little under two weeks. I made the President’s List last quarter. And I’m skipping the second quarter because of my transfer credits so I’m plunging into Quarter 3. I think I’ll really benefit from no Facebook when I have to spend some quality time with textbooks again.


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