Antisocial Media Day 3

On Monday, I was reading writing prompts, one of the suggestions being to do something different or extraordinary, later chronicling it as a book or blog post. Go backpacking across the country, learn something new, give up social media for a month.

On Tuesday, someone invisible broke into the apartment and threw my phone in the toilet. I went many long hours without a phone before finally succumbing to the iPhone XR, which I could still probably do without. I humbly acknowledge my addiction to handheld Google and GPS. But, I decided that instead of attempting to scuba dive out of a helicopter in all 50 states, I could totally not deal with social media for at least a month, now that I’ve already started not having social apps on my phone. Also, I didn’t get 76 Snapchats of my friends cats. Once I did manage to get my apps and all that jazz back on my phone, I deleted Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

On Friday, today, I’ve barely noticed they’re gone. I do miss the Snapchats of my niece and my dog from my sister. However, that’s an easy fix, and I’m going to try to actively point out how I spend my newly acquired nonsocialmedia time. Already I was forced to buy a book to kill time without my phone. I’m all right with that.

Let’s call Wednesday “Day 1”. So here’s to Day 4, tomorrow, and to see how much more productive I can be at work since I can’t scroll through Trump Lies Matter and our plastic oceans on the book of faces.


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