Organizing Your Travel Luggage (with Cubes!) Part 2

My packing cubes came in just in time to drive to Key Largo! Coming from the Tampa Bay area it’s about a 5 hour drive. We stocked up for the weekend. After my car was already stocked with dive gear. Good job me.




The packing cubes are effing cool. I absolutely recommend them. I organized my belongings by type and by what I would use each day. I obviously couldn’t have done it without Birdman’s help.



My electronics had their own bag, as well as my hair products and makeup, my civilian clothes, my gym clothes, and my boat clothes. I was able to stay organized at the hotel and packing up at the end was a breeze. These were worth it just for my chargers to all have a home. Also, I kept my wires from getting tangled using binder clips. Piece o’ cake! Except for when my iPhone wire crapped out in the hotel. Now I have more Amazon orders coming in. It’s like Christmas, sort of.



I made a joke about food getting on my stuff in my travel bag in Part 1 of this post. Naturally, my container of cut fruit spilled in my travel bag this time. But nothing in the cubes got wet! Luckily, nothing spilled on top of the cube where the mesh is.

I also used a cube for dry snacks. I now have a permanent dry snack bag in my room.

I was surprised by how much I could fit in each cube. This set from came with six cubes, two representations of three different sizes. If I weren’t worried about the zippers rusting I would use them in my dive bag. I’m taking a 10-day trip home to Louisiana next month and I’ll get to use them again. Now I want to get a new travel bag, too.




I’m totally into the blue and orange DBZ theme I’ve got going here, but this bag is old and awkward and the zipper is broken. And I couldn’t actually fit everything in there, so one of my cubes ended up in the food bag. And that’s how it was exposed to the fruit bowl.

I’m no super packing queen with a bucket of Pinterest hacks for shoving as much as possible into one bag. For that reason alone I was grateful to have these cubes. Try them out. They are inexpensive, they come in pretty colors, and they’re actually useful. I’m buying more as Christmas gifts.

Have you ever used packing cubes? What do you think of them?


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