Organizing Your Travel Luggage (with Cubes!) Part 1

I’ve gotten pretty good at packing for weekend dive trips – I’m not overpacking with every potentially necessary shoe, and I’m not under-packing (did I even bring civilian clothing?) or forgetting my phone and camera chargers. What I’ve not gotten good at is keeping everything organized and accessible. My bag starts off all nice and tidy… but then at some point I start to feel like Mary Poppins. But without the magic part. So maybe just a lady with a giant bag of everything.

And let’s not even discuss my dive bag.

So I just purchased some packing cubes from a company called Bagail and I’m pretty excited to use them. The set includes six cubes represented in three different sizes.

All the tips and tricks I have found online about stuffing as much as possible into your luggage, such as rolling your clothes instead of folding them, only last until you actually begin using the things in your bag or suitcase. These cubes offer separated compartments so that you can organize your clothes or really anything that fits into them.

For instance, for a weekend trip to the Florida Keys, I tend to pack two comfortable pairs of shorts that I don’t mind wearing on the boat or anywhere else where I’m going to get soaked. That way I don’t have to wait for one pair to dry. But I usually only bring one pair of denim shorts and wear them all weekend. I bring clothes to wear on the boat, and clothes to wear in public in case we go out to dinner or even if we drive down to Key West. I can literally have a “dive clothes” cube, a “be seen in public” cube, a cube for my electronics and chargers, and one for undergarments and socks. I am so excited. My neurosis is stoked.

These packing cubes seem to make repacking easier, too, instead of just throwing everything into the bag the morning you have to check out of the hotel. Also, if you’re flying and using a checked bag, you can actually just take one out as a carry on if you’re stressing your weight limits. You can put your cubes in your hotel dresser, and still be organized and be less likely to forget a small item in there. You could literally use one as a pillow if you wanted. The possibilities are plentiful.

These packing cubes from even have a mesh top so you can take a peek inside without opening the container. Because you know you’re going to forget which one has your socks and which one has your ear plugs. All of the reviews on Amazon boast durability and longevity – and I will certainly be putting them to the test! I’m hoping my order gets here before we head to Key Largo next weekend, but if not I will certainly use them on my trip to New Orleans in July. (PS I’m going to try to get some diving done in the Florida Panhandle while I’m up there – any recommendations other than the wreck of the Oriskany? Please comment with suggestions!)

Here’s the link to the product on the company’s website. Bagail suggests buying multiple colors if you are sharing luggage with someone so that you can easily distinguish whose is whose. The item is described as a convenient way to sort and find things quickly, and to prevent the misplacing of your belongings. Your clothes will be better protected from wrinkles and damage, especially if you’re me and you tend to find trail mix smooshed into the clothes at the bottom of the bag.

I have to admit how tempted I am to do this with my dive bag as well. I couldn’t tell you with any reasonable margin of error how many times I have dumped that sucker out and attempted to organize it in the best way that makes sense. What makes sense on land, pre-dive, never makes sense when I actually need something on a dive. O-rings are never where I need them. Where did I stuff my gloves? In my spare dive boots? Are those even my dive boots?


The struggle is real.

Have you ever used packing cubes? What kind? Do you like them?

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