America is not exempt from Climate Change

I am blown away by the intense focus the POTUS has on women’s health care and environmental policies. While I am embarrassed by our country’s apparent backward stroll into a conservative nation driven by Christian values – no longer progressive, accepting values, but values founded on a single religion’s historic sexism and disinterest in basing decisions on science-backed evidence.

My family depends on the oil industry. Directly. We all depend on oil. You can protest oil, but you should reconsider that plastic water bottle and your petroleum-based kayak and the fact that you probably got to where you are sitting right now with the help of some type of vehicle. Which required fossil fuels.

I understand the value of a business man. I understand the need for domestic oil.

I do not understand why we still can’t move forward in alternative energy.

I do not understand how we are living the live action screen play of Idiocracy. And Wall-E. Right now.

Having chosen an interest in fossil fuels over the protection of public health and clean energy, our new administration is becoming an army of skeptics in charge of policies they do not understand nor believe in.

Statistically, we could say that all climate scientists are in agreement with the notion that humans are driving a steep change in the climate. I am surprised by how many people simply do not have any interest in or knowledge of what climate change means. I throw up in my mouth when someone says, Wow it’s cold outside! It must be that GLOBAL WARMING HAHAHAI’MSOCLEVER. Have you ever taken an average before? Do you look at one piece of data and base your opinions on the one outlier or even the smallest or largest data points? No! You know how to take an average. One cold day does not mean that, in general, the average temperature of planet Earth is not rising, and has increased 1.33°F over the last 100 years. Living in a cold area does not mean the rest of the Earth is also experiencing lower temperatures.

One cold day does not negate the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It does not explain the reduction of ice coverage at the poles nor the rising sea levels and rising sea temperatures.

I want to share this image from XKCD. I like it and when people are interested but uninformed, this is what I want to show them.



I try to see things from both sides when I disagree with something. I hope to never be blinded by bias, but let’s admit it.. I’m only human. And so are you. And we live on Earth. Together.


a BS in Biology


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