Try SCUBA Diving

If you aren’t a diver… why on earth not?

Just kidding. It’s not for everyone. But it might be for you! I know it can be overwhelming to jump in; there’s a lot to learn, it costs a lot up front, and it can take up quite a bit of time out of your schedule. If you are curious about scuba but don’t want to commit to lessons, you should be looking for opportunities like Try Scuba Diving (you may find something similar, such as Discover Scuba).

scuba diver girl
Copyright Brandon Fortuno

It’s a chance for you to experience breathing underwater. It’s easier than you might think, and with the guidance of a dive professional you’ll feel prepared to jump in feet first!

Jim’s Dive Shop, the shop where I work and completed my Dive Master training, hosted a Try SCUBA Event earlier this month. It was a blast, and no intro scuba lesson is complete without music and pizza!

We had such a fun group at the event! I belong to a group of dancers here in Tampa Bay. I started in New Orleans, and honestly one of my top concerns about moving to Florida was whether or not I would find the same capacity of West Coast Swing as I had at home. Luckily, the community is even bigger here! And now I’m slowly converting the dancers into dancer-divers. It made for a great time in the pool.

Copyright River Images West Coast Swing
Copyright River Images

I’m looking forward to some scuba dancing in the future! Anyway, off of that tangent. If you do decide to try scuba diving, the next step is to sign up at a shop near you. Jim’s Dive Shop certifies divers through SSI (SCUBA Schools International), an internationally recognized agency. You’ll begin your coursework online, attend a few classroom sessions, and practice your scuba skills in the pool several times before jumping into the open water. After 4 checkout dives and your final exam, you’ll be a happily certified SCUBA diver!

scuba diver guy
Copyright Brandon Fortuno

See, it’s not as difficult as you had thought. Once you finish your Open Water certification, you can move on to more specialized diving, such as Deep Diving, Night Diving, and Nitrox diving (a blend of oxygen and nitrogen different from that of regular air). Florida has some of the best diving in the world. If you live here or frequent here, you should most assuredly try scuba diving!

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